The story of Digital Ambassadors visiting Lund – Part 2

This post is just a compliment to Dena’s post here. Felt like sharing some pictures from Lund as well. You can check out some pictures here, may get a feel of the student city that is Lund, a a glimpse into how it is being a digital ambassador and studying in Sweden, if you feel like being one next year 😉

We also made a small movie, using an iphone and some things we learned during the workshops, while we were in Lund. You can find it here.

And to those who have been gotten admissions to universities in Swede – Congratulations! Start looking for posts by Marta and Francesca regarding visas and FAQs. May also be a good time to start looking for housing or learn Swedish.


Written by Raghuraman

06 Apr 2015