Oslo. Bye again, for now.

Hjem Kjære Hjem, Home Sweet Home, Oslo.

It felt like seeing an old friend again – a mixed feeling of happiness, sweetness, and a bit of sadness. I should have never left Oslo in the first place.

Our family temporarily resided in Norway during my high school years. After a year, I got bored and tired of Scandinavia. Determined to pursue my “American Dream”, I took off to Canada for university (I know, Canada is not America… but similar “enough”).


The last time I was in Oslo was exactly five years ago. I remember being home sick after freshman year. It was tougher than I thought adjusting to the Canadian lifestyle. I distinctly recall not wanting to return to Canada.


Five years later, I am burned out after weeks of continuous working on the Chalmers Formula Student car project. So I packed my toothbrush, fresh pair of socks, a good book, and booked the next day train to Oslo.


Thanks to the Easter occasion, all my close high school friends are in town. It is interesting to see everyone who went away for bachelors studies have returned to Scandinavia for Master’s studies.

I thought to myself I should have challenged myself to learn Norsk and attend NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). I was too afraid by the language barrier.

In five years, I hope I will still be in Sweden. Integrating into Sweden is not easy. I naturally feel the language being the biggest barrier. However, I think I know what I should do this time. 🙂




Written by Gimmy

06 Apr 2015