“So what’s up with the blogging?”

Ever since I started blogging as a Digital Ambassador, many had got back to me with comments. Let me compile few of them below according to the ‘classifications’:

* The curious ones – “Wow, blogging? Why? Where? That’s a big surprise and. Since when? Sounds cool.

* The ‘thugs’ – “Dayyuum son! Blogging and stuff eh? Seems like your kinda stuffs maahn!”

* The technical ones – “IT and programming and system development to blogging now! Great going braah. Let me know if you need MOLAP data mining applications to evaluate the visitor base and provide classifications based on their attributes to find relations which will help you to program your writing in that direction…”

* The ‘abbreviation-ers’ – “K. GLHF.”

And of course…

* The likeminded ones – “yaay! You blog, I blog. So you follow me and I follow you.”

So hurray, thanks for the support guys!

So yah, back to the question – Why did I start blogging?

It’s actually connected to the time when I applied for studies in Sweden. Unaware of how to go about things in this cold and beautiful nation, I remember making some hard-time out for myself to do own research, finding the right information, locating the correct authority to ask questions and mind-mapping about how to go around doing the A-Z process of studying in Sweden. I have to agree it has been tricky but in a way, helpful too…not only for getting the information I need but also sharing it onto the other who required it like me.

So this made realize that if I ever had the opportunity, I would open up my experience of all that I have gone through, so that future students wishing to study in Sweden can benefit from. And I didn’t have to wait long. The digital ambassador opportunity came by and the rest you can already see!

So why do I blog? – I want to be the saint in your life, guiding you with the light of knowledge, gifted from the heavens. Thou shalt always remember me as the one who led you out of darkness!

Naaah, just kidding! 😛

Hope you guys find our blogs helpful as we are always working to come up with interesting, fun and informative topics about Sweden, so that we can assist you in realizing your dream in coming here someday as well. Feel free to let me know if you have any special requests on any topic that you would want me to cover and I shall try my best!

Cya and vi ses snart!


Image taken from internet


Written by Redwan

21 Mar 2015