My Top 11 Instagram Photos on #StudyInSweden

Instagram is pretty awesome. Sadly, amazing pictures are easily forgotten and lost in the mass of data in the cloud. So I thought I’d regroup here my most liked pictures on Instagram, on the StudyInSweden account, just for your enjoyment (and hopefully inspiration) 🙂



Studying on the rooftop with my adventure friend, who loves studying in amazing places… For some reason, there is just something amazing about standing high up on top of buildings. Since I’ve lived here, I’ve visited quite a few rooftops and crane tops 😀



Took this picture on a walk with my friend Frida, in Riddarholmen, an island just next to Gamla Stan (Stockholm), which is full with pretty buildings and chillout spots.



Took this picture from Katarina hissen, on the north of Södermalm, I though the views were pretty cool! What an amazing city is Stockholm to live in!



It was actually my friend Lewis who took this picture, when we were in Lapland on our hunt for northern lights and arctic experience, at -20°C, 200km above the arctic circle, at 1 or 2am. We were just going to go to bed, but decided to have a last look through our window. Lucky we did 🙂  Lapland in summer is pretty different than Lapland in winter, but regardless, it is my favorite place in the world.



Rooftops in Odengatan, Stockholm. I really like all the different colors and architectures of the different buildings, along with their different rooftops. It’s so much more fun than having the same houses all over the place.



Took this picture while on a road trip through Sweden and Finland with some friends (the video is epic), 2 years ago. We’d done a small camp fire in the night, and I slept on my hammock above the water. It was so pretty, and seeing the sunrise from there was kind of a magical moment.



I watched this sunset after an amazing day of stand up paddling. I was about to take a shower, but when I looked through the window and saw this sunset, I had to run to the beach to watch it from there.



I had spent the previous night at a Chinese new year party in this island, talking with some residents about how I never saw deers on this island, despite having spent a substantial amount of time there. They were all telling me that I must be blind, because there were deers all over the place! When I woke up in the morning, I went over to open the window to get some fresh air, and found this DEER just in front of my window. It was pretty amazing.



I took this picture on a walk around town with my friend Sophie, who was just visiting Stockholm for a couple of days. I thought is was amazing that there were so many birds just floating around! But apparently they are there most of the time 😀 The picture is just between Kungsträdgården and Gamla stan, Stockholm.



Another picture of rooftops… From another day chilling there 🙂



I took this picture while on a walk around some island with Michelle. This picture summarizes the island lifestyle that I love: beach, water, boats, forest, cute houses, sun here and there 🙂

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Written by Jesús

10 Mar 2015