Swedish 101!

Ok, so you plan to come to Sweden for studies or probably have already landed here a month back? Either ways, it’s cool and I would like to tell you that you must be excited to be in this amazing country. You started with your studies, gradually mingling with new people or wondering what to buy for today’s dinner – whatever it might be, a bit of Swedish would always be handy.

Is it tough? – Not at all!

How can you learn some basic Swedish? – Have to fear as Redwan is here!

Ok now, ladies and gentlemen, repeat after me:-

* Hi  — ‘Hej’ (In Swedish, the ‘J’ is usually pronounced as ‘y’)

* How are you — ‘Hur mår du’ (‘å’ is pronounced as ‘o’; everything else same)

* Nice to meet you — ‘Trevligt att träffas’ (’ä’ is pronounced normally as ‘aa’)

* What is you name — ‘Vad heter du’ (Very easy!)

* My name is Redwan — ‘Jag heter Redwan’ (Yes I know you aint Redwan..its me!)

* It’s a good day — ‘Det är en bra dag’ (‘Det’ is a very common word; The ‘t’ is usually silent. So its like ‘de’)

* I like it — ‘Jag gillar det’ (Ok boys, no flirting now!)

* I am doing good — ‘Jag mår bra’ (easyeasyeasy!)

* Thank you very much — ‘Tack så mycket’ (Very common Swedish phrase. ‘Tack’ is pronounced as ‘Thack’)

* Goodbye | See you soon — ‘Hej då’ | ‘Vi ses snart’ (Yap, very common when you are done meeting someone).

See, it ain’t that hard now is it? Keep practicing and I’ll get back to you soon with some more complicated words.

‘Tack så mycket’ for reading and ’vi ses snart’ in Sweden! 😉


Written by Redwan

26 Feb 2015