International Weekend!

This weekend has turned out to quite eventful already. On Friday it was announced that we may have a semi sponsored exchange with IE Madrid in October 2015! That’s super exciting as we would all go together and of course cause I’ve never been to Madrid. Spain was also one of my countries of choice to study in, so its cool.

Later in the evening we went to IceBar in Stockholm. This was also sponsored by the school (!!! right?). It was pretty ‘cool’ but it was much smaller than what I expected. It had nice novelty experience but it was hardly the place were you would just go to chill with your friends. But its pretty common to go to a bar with teachers here in my course. We’ve been out a couple of times, and feel comfortable to call our teachers on some of our night outs as well. In fact our microeconomics teacher is super interested in poker and one of her hobbies is to make poker games! Informality is pretty big in Sweden.

After doing some accounting in the morning today, I am now looking forward to a Chinese dinner at a classmates house. She’s promised us some Chinese dumplings. When she realized that I am vegetarian, she promised to make ‘something’ vegetarian just for me. Her expertise in vegetarian cooking is limited, so she had to really think about what she would make. But I am really looking forward to it.

But to end this rather eventful weekend a German friend of mine is hosting a Feuerzangenbowle (I will learn how to pronounce this soon!) on sunday evening! Gehehe! Looking forward to this (Can hear my parents voice saying TAKE CARE!!):

Its called German Glögg. So those who are unfamiliar with glögg, its mulled wine that’s drunk commonly in Europe. We had some Swedish glögg. with loads of raisins  and spices (of course) before Christmas. I am really excited about trying some German Glögg now!

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Written by Raghuraman

31 Jan 2015