Bidding Farewells

Today is the last day of the study term which means that my course mates and others who are here on exchange have either left Sweden or is about to. Although we have only known each other for barely four months since the start of the program, it felt like we have known each other for ages. We are a close-knitted bunch, saying goodbye is really a tough call but I’m glad lots wonderful memories have been shared and left behind. One term literally flew by, so quickly and the new term starts right after, #nobreak. No matter how busy and stressful the schedule is, I try to squeeze time to fika, hang out, get crazy and break away from the endless assignments for a second or two. For those who are studying or going to study, don’t forget to snap some pictures, always good to look back. Remember to destress. A bunch of us girls randomly started dancing under the musical Christmas tree on an ordinary afternoon in the middle of city square for example. Oh yes, all sober. Here’s a gist of my first term in some photos. I know we’re only a Facebook away, but still… hoping they’ll be in Sweden for a visit soon.

16Oct2014 Ikea Älmhult1

Yesterday was the deadline of the online application for higher education studies in Sweden. For those who have applied and those who wish to apply, all the best!


Written by Angelina

16 Jan 2015