My Three Favorite Swedish Movies!


Written by Raghuraman

05 Jan 2015

To get to know a country you should watch its movies, listen to its music and read its books! Of course, I am here to get to know Sweden so I try to watch Swedish movies, read Swedish books and listen to Swedish music! (I am generally interested in movies and music and books from all over the world). I was introduced to world cinema by my sister in around 2007-2008, I think. I like movies that are meaningful, and Swedish movies always pop up if you’re into the indie movie scene. Sweden also does well when it comes to dark comedy or commentary on human condition, interactions and society etc. And the country is SO beautiful so everything looks great on the film! haha

Also, these are MY favorite movies, and have nothing to do with other better movies in Sweden 🙂

Anyway, following are some of my favorite Swedish movies in no order :

1. Du Levande (You the Living)

So this movie is made of many smaller ‘scenes’ which vary in length and don’t really have a connecting story, but I guess, you can feel a connecting central theme. A dark comedy about the human society which has many moving scenes and explores both highs and lows in our ordinary lives, Du Levande feels like a work of art. The movie has a different kind of camera work and to me, every shot looks like time lapsing beautiful painting with living people. Go watch!

Roy Andersson is a reputed Swedish director whom I really love and would gladly recommend!

2. Play

Play is a movie about a bunch of kids in Gothenburg who bully and steal from other kids. The movie is very well constructed and shot. It shows some smaller crimes happening and at many times the passerby’s reactions to it. It’s such a strong take on the Swedish society. Being here for 6 months, I do not know much but there are definitely some scenes I think could easily happen in Sweden haha. The last scene is well built up to and doesn’t disappoint.

3. The Seventh Seal

The Seventh Seal is an Epic. Its a man attempt to challenge death, Antonios Block is a serious hero and The Seventh Seal is an intellectual movie about human condition and suffering. Of course, Ingmar Bergman is one of the greatest filmmaker ever to have lived, so technically the movie is exemplary. Its a serious drama that is deep and meaningful and stays relevant to this day.

Of course, these are just my personal favorites and there are so many other Swedish movies that have done really well on the international scene of late such as ‘Let the right one in’ and the ‘Girl with the Dragon tattoo’ series. You can also find a nice list of movies to start with here on IMDB and on TheLocal.

Happy viewing. Next I present my favorite Swedish music (mostly in English though!)

(The header picture is a still from the Seventh Seal where the hero plays chess with Death!)


Written by Raghuraman

05 Jan 2015