Swedish Astronaut Food

[buzz buzz *radio noise] “Welcome on board HMs Göteborg. This is your captain Gimmy speaking. We just left Earth’s stratosphere and we are on our space journey to… Planet Sweden. Good-bye Earth.

The cafeteria will be serving breakfast soon. Many things have been vacuum-sealed, prepared for long space endeavours like this one. Please, grab a fresh tube of “Kalles Kaviar”. That will be your breakfast for the next two weeks.


We have a wide variety of fruit selection on-board, covering the entire spectrum of Vitamins. The fruit menu consists of:

  • Apple
  • Bananas
  • Oranges
  • Kiwis

Well, that’s not entirely true – we also have an exotic fruit selection, if you prefer them fully ripened. Look at this blueberry… it is teleported from the outer space of Mexico.


The salad selection is fully of varieties too. We have a choice between spinach and lettuce. [buzz buzz]


…only if every supermarket trip is this exciting.

There isn’t really a great selection of vegetable and fruits here. That is also one the things expats miss a lot here in Sweden.

But Swedish food isn’t really far from Space food. Seriously.


[Figure X: Guess the name of the food present. Photo: Håkan Richardsson]

“Coming home from a day of hanging out with epic classmates from every corner of the world and then eating a true Swedish Knäckemacka with Kalles Kaviar and just a splash of Mellanmjölk; that’s a life full of contrasts, right there!” – Chalmers Formula Student 2015 Engineer Håkan Richardsson


Written by Gimmy

12 Dec 2014