Off to Copenhagen!

As I write this I am dozing off in my seat, with still a dark morning outside, on an Örestundståg and heading towards Copenhagen. Oh yes, that’s right – Denmark!

This is the second time of me travelling to the capital city of Denmark and within a span of two weeks only. Why?! Well first time I had been there for a case competition organized by Novo Nordisk and it has been amazing. Travelling form Växjö, being pretty gloomy and rainy for the most part of November, was a surprise to see Copenhagen comparatively sunny and warmer. Though the two cities are separated by just 2.5 hours, the contrasting change in temperature was pretty good I must say. You often need a break from the depressing, cold, dark weather and trust me when I say that!

So Copenhagen was busy. Given I had to reach Copenhagen Business School (CBS), it was a challenge to figure the way around due to the fact that it was my first time there. Hence wasn’t really aware of the transportation rules. Later it came to me that for travelling within Copenhagen, you need to purchase a ticket and it would be valid till wherever you go – in other words till you last destination in whichever way you travel. And a single works in all metro, buses, S-Trains etc., pretty different to what we have here in Växjö. Moving on to my ’people-experience’, I can confirm that Danes are extremely cordial. A stranger elderly lady, upon being asked, assisted me out at the metro on where to get down, change trains and even accompanied me till the nearest station of my destination. Det var så fin av honom!

As I got deeper into Copenhagen, it seemed like the city got more stunning, lush green with a beautiful combination of modern and traditional houses. Within half an hour, I reached CBS, and spent 8 long hours at the competition which, courtesy of our team effort, we ended up winning. Acing an international competition was pretty cool! Soon we all had a light dinner and I headed back to Sweden.

So that was my first time and fast forward twelve days and as I type this, I am getting closer Copenhagen yet again. Our winning team in invited to present our solution to a group of Senior Executives at Novo Nordisk.

Alright..alright, time to go! Loads of work to finish. Vi ses snart!


Written by Redwan

11 Dec 2014