Swedish Microwave Matrix

It is very interesting to notice a variety of microwave matrices on campus. They are typically 2×4, 3×4 and occasionally 4×4. At 12 o’clock, these matrices light up. I really should cook more regularly. I admire the Swedish student’s self-independence. Most of my Swedish friends cook their meals and bring them in a bright coloured plastic container for lunch.

(In my defence, I sold my life to Chalmers Formula Student. I barely sleep, never mind cook.)


The good thing about studying at Chalmers is the fact that education does not interfere with one’s personal life. The student-life feels like a “job”. In fact, Swedish students get paid by their government to study. It is pretty much an “8 to 5” type of job. Last class finishes at 5PM and the campus empties. It is the polar opposite compared to Canada, where the campus is where the “happening” is. Or actually, you are just spending days and nights in the computer labs.


Swedish students tend to live alone in their apartments, whereas in Canada a house is typically shared between 4~7 people. Francesca Martin wrote a little blurb about the housing situation in Uppsala. It is also true here at Göteborg. I am currently sharing a SGS international student-housing apartment with three other international students: one Spaniard, one Italian, one French (we are following every football league in the house). Due to renovation reasons, I am moving after the 2015 New Year to my own 29 m^2 apartment. I am looking forward to having my own space, where I clean after my own mess. Like everywhere, the shared house gets messy after a while.


Written by Gimmy

29 Nov 2014