A Bright (Bright) Sunshiney Day

Soooo… As you may have noticed from the posts of fellow bloggers Dena and Gimmy, it’s all gloom, doom and dreary coldness here in Sweden with the sun apparently off on Swedish paternal (maternal?) leave. But every once in a while you get a glorious day like today, when that lovable ball of seething nuclear energy decides to make a cameo appearance:

Unidentified Object Sighted in the Skies of Stockholm

And well, what do you do with your time when it finally happens? Easy- You start by freezing up and making this face sunwards for like half an hour:

It’s like the patter of a million tiny fairy feet on your face.

Then, realizing the imminent approach of the ever-looming darkness, you panic and start trying to remember what the protocol was for when the sun’s shining.

Ultimately, I decided the best use of that precious sliver of sunlight was to go for a nice long walk in the woods behind my house. I’d show you pictures, but my phone died on me while I was out in that great wide wilderness, and by the time I’d gotten home, wouldn’t you know it, the sun had set.

All in all, it wasn’t too bad- I ended up re-energizing my batteries and photo-synthesizing some of that sweet, sweet vitamin D, so I’d say I came out ahead in this morbidly dark Swedish winter (for now).


Written by Mohamed

29 Nov 2014