Let’s SWAP!

Craving for more books/comics? Bored of your closet? On a budget? Look no further, let’s SWAP! At University of Borås, the Student Union has put up the Clothes & Books Swapping Day for students to swap preloved items. Wonderful opportunity to revamp your bookshelf & wardrobe sustainably and for free!

So, how does it work? Leave your preloved books and/or clothes at the collecting stations and get swapping-tickets for the exchange, with a maximum of 7 swapping tickets per person. You can leave as many items as you like and the excess will be donated. All swap items should be in good condition and will be inspected prior to the issuing of tickets. There was already a long queue before the doors opened. Items especially clothes got snatch up really quickly. Tip: Be the early bird!

And the FUN began


There were a lot more items including bags, accessories and many more books but I was so engrossed in the swapping and only managed to snap a few pictures before the shelves and hangers turned empty. Coats and sweaters were very popular and got snatch up really fast, hence no photos. There were also as many English books as Swedish books. Cannot resist the Spiderman comics, the perfect way to learn Swedish #Spindelmannen. In my previous blog, I mentioned about the past swapping event and other events. This is a recurring event, so there’s always another swapping chance. Looking forward to the next one already.

Source of featured image from Novitas, Studentkåren i Borås.


Written by Angelina

20 Nov 2014