MSc of Finance at SSE, or why 13 is a lucky number

The first time I considered applying to a business school, SSE came up on top of my list. It was 3.5 years ago, and I was looking for a BSc program in Economics. My first impression after googling SSE? “It’s one of 20 best European business schools!”

I have to admit, with Financial Times rankings, explaining my choice of university has been a piece of cake. Usually, it’s enough to say I study for MSc in Finance at SSE, the program ranked 13 in Europe.  Yep, after that kind of intro, my “Why SSE?” story never gets told. People just nod in understanding, and ask no more questions.

Here’s the great thing about writing a blog: you don’t get interrupted that early on. Now, I’ve finally got a chance to say that there’s much more to my choice than the Financial Times ranking. Of course, SSE web-site has it all structured and nice, but I’d like to get a bit more sentimental, if not completely irrational about my 13 reasons for studying Finance at SSE:

…When you leave a computer lab at 12.30 am, there still are people staying on.

…Corporate presentations are up every day, sometimes twice a day. Hey, free dinner, and sometimes, lunch, too! Isn’t that exciting?

… Most Nobel Laureates in Economics have visited SSE at some point. In other words, there’s a strong correlation between presenting your research at SSE and winning a Nobel Prize in Economics. But no pressure, no pressure whatsoever.

… Submit your investment banking applications like a pro. Well, most of your course-mates are pros at that!

…Eager to see the King of Sweden? Not a problem! The likelihood of meeting His Royal Highness is higher if you study at SSE Riga though.

…Hungry for some contemporary art? Welcome to SSE! We’ve got a pretty interesting piece in the Atrium now.

…You’ve got a case about H&M? IKEA? Volvo? 90% chance that their C-level managers graduated from SSE.

…Stuck in Sweden for 2 years? Not at SSE! The only continent you can’t go on exchange to, is Antarctica.

…Study hard, party harder! Note: a lot of parties start with a sit down banquet. So be ready with your tuxedos, gentlemen.

…We’ve got amazing professors! But judging them by the number of publications in peer reviewed journals is too mainstream. I’m counting real stuff: like making it on time for the lecture after the sprint to get the mac connector cable.

…Your course mates might have worked for Barclays, interned at European Parliament or climbed Everest. In the end of the day, no boring talks at parties – guaranteed!

…The guy/girl ratio is 4/1. Ladies, are you still hesitating?

…A case study a day keeps us awake. Naah, this time it’s only two cases a week. Relax, man!


Written by Marta

18 Nov 2014