Why University of Borås is Unique


Written by Angelina

23 Oct 2014

Not many have perhaps heard of the University of Borås↗️. So where is Borås and why is it unique?


Borås is well located in south-west Sweden, approximately 60km east of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. There are frequent and direct transport (bus and train) between Borås↗️ and Gothenburg↗️ which is less than an hour away.

The university is located right in the city centre. Everything you need is within walking distance.

One of a kind

One of the main reasons I chose to study here is because The Swedish School of Textiles↗️ is truly unique. A front edge university with a leading, modern and innovative research center equipped with full scale textiles manufacturing equipment on site. One of the only five knitting machines in the world is located right here.

The Swedish School of Library and Information Science↗️ (SSLIS) at University of Borås has Sweden’s largest education and research in library and information science. SSLIS is a national leader with well-developed cooperation in the Nordic region, Europe and internationally. University of Borås is also the ONLY educational institution in Sweden that has a clear and explicit focus on resource recovery↗️. Research activity is conducted in cooperation and collaboration↗️ with the business sphere, cultural sphere and the public sector. The university also offers tuition fee waivers to highly qualified students.

Dedicated staff and student support

My lecturers and professors are very dedicated and they have invited many guest speakers from various industries to enhance our learning experiences with the external perspectives.

Our international coordinator ensures our studies here are smooth and pleasant. She is always ready to help students and can easily be contacted through email or in the office.

Apart from career advisory sessions, I can always book a private meeting with the career counselor for interview tips and mock interview practices.

There are also many activities organized by the Student Union↗️ and ESN Borås↗️. So much going on in this student town. Check out the various student support and services↗️.

Truly diverse

School has started for nearly 2 months and exams are already around the corner, in less than 2 weeks. But it’s been really rewarding and fantastic to work with my course mates from 26 different nationalities. Not to mention, meeting new students from all over the world.


Written by Angelina

23 Oct 2014