Why don’t you go to ____ ? Why Sweden…

“Why don’t you go to Germany if you are studying Automotive Engineering…?” I get asked this question asked a lot back in Canada. “I like Sweden…Volvo, IKEA, and Swedish Meatballs” and I can say it with a straight face.

Perhaps my motivation is more personal. I got a set of Matchbox cars on my sixth birthday. My favorite one is the Volvo 480. I played with it so intensively you can barely notice the original white body paint. And who doesn’t like IKEA?

Let me explain further. I used to live in Norway, so I got to know a bit about “Scandinavian design”. In particular, I am very impressed by the Swedish forward-thinking mentality.  For example, Volvo engineers placed heavy emphasis on vehicle safety since the beginning. This is unheard-of during the era when other car manufacturers prioritized performance by fitting the biggest engine under the hood. Yet, Volvo cars are highly reliable and stay on the road longer than any other cars.

Swedish goods are also renowned for durability and stylish design. IKEA is an excellent testament to that statement. IKEA furniture holds timeless aesthetics through simplistic design. It is extremely functional, easy to transport and assemble. In my mind, the Billy series bookshelf is an icon no smaller than the Volkswagen Beetle.At the end of a product’s lifecycle, the country recycles and disposes garbage in an effective fashion. That is something the rest of the world can adaptor from Sweden.

In addition, I am a fan of unrestricted camping in gorgeous landscapes (check out Jesus’ blog on his camping trip here). The Swedish society understands sustainability and protects the environment dearly.

You may not agree with me on any of these points. Anyways, apply to Swedish school now and I will try to prove my points to you in the coming year. Food for thought. Yes! Last but not least, Swedish meatballs are delicious, simply put.


Written by Gimmy

05 Oct 2014