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Malmö University


Multi-disciplinary programmes designed to keep you ahead of the competition at a modern and globally-aware university in an inventive city. What is Malmö University best known for? Malmö University has a modern approach to teaching, where a student-centred learning approach plays an important part. We aim to create a multi-disciplinary learning environment, which means students will often…

An aerial image of Stockholm.



As an international student looking for housing, your first point of contact should always be your university. Most universities offer accommodation services for international students, which can include providing guaranteed housing or giving advice on where to find a room on your own. The exact offer will vary between universities. If you're not sure how to find the…

My Malmö Weekend: Cool things I do


In the vibrant city of Malmö, there are so many things you can do. Whether it is going out and having fun with friends or learning something new. Malmö never disappoints.  After living here for almost two years, I think I have a good idea of all the good places you should check out. But…

First Impressions - Malmö and Sweden


First Impressions last, or so they say. When it comes to moving to Sweden, for many they easily fall in love just after a few days. Within the last week, Malmö has seen hundreds of new students gracing its city for the first time. School officially begins in September for most students at Malmö University.…

Fun things to do in Malmö


One of the perks of being a Study in Sweden Digital Ambassador is that you get to attend 4 meet-ups annually in different cities around Sweden. The meet-ups give you a chance to meet other ambassadors and collaborate while enjoying Sweden's beauty and culture. We recently had a meetup in Malmö and am here to…

Two students at a café in Sweden.

Cost of living in Sweden


Like everywhere, living costs in Sweden depend on your personal lifestyle and where you live. Here's an average monthly budget: Food: SEK 2,000 Accommodation: SEK 4,070 Local travel: SEK 550 Phone/internet: SEK 300 Hobby/leisure, miscellaneous: SEK 1,450 Total: SEK 8,370 (around €815 or $925). Remember that when applying for a residence permit, you need to prove to…

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Social life


Student life at Swedish universities is as varied as the universities and cities themselves. Whether you've chosen to study in an urban centre or a traditional university town, you'll have a host of activities at your disposal. The hub of student activity is each university's student union, which organises social events for students. However, you'll…

Start Your Path to Career Success in Sweden: Apply Today


Start Your Path to Career Success in Sweden: Apply Today  You’ll find the success you’re looking for just across the ocean. Earning your master’s degree in Sweden will prepare you for global career success. The best part? There’s no need to learn a new language. Everyone here speaks English. With over 1,000 graduate program choices,…


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