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The first university in Sweden – since 1477. Top 100 in the world

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What is Uppsala University (UU) best known for?

Uppsala University is internationally recognised as being one of the top 100 universities in the world. For over 500 years, UU has delivered professional and pedagogical education, applied the highest academic standards, and conducted research that makes a real difference. We have succeeded in recruiting some of the best teaching staff from around the world, and our aim is to educate, inspire and help our students to excel. Since it was founded in 1477, UU has attracted some of the world’s very best minds and eight academics affiliated with the University have been awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize.

What kind of programmes does UU offer?

We offer over 50 different master’s programmes taught in English within science & technology, medicine, humanities and social sciences. Since 2017 we offer four bachelor’s programmes taught in English, three in the area of game design and one in the area of energy transition.

What’s the alumni network like?

UU has always hosted students from all over the world and today we have an active Alumni Network with over 26 000 alumni in 130 countries. We have organised alumni chapters in China, Vietnam, USA, Hong Kong and Switzerland. Famous UU alumni include Carl Linnaeus, who created the system for classifying and naming plants, and Anders Celsius, who designed the Celsius temperature scale and thermometer. More recently, Skype founder Niklas Zennström was a master’s student here.

What are the main local industries?

Several companies have been started as a result of research at UU over the years. Some of the largest employers in the region are within the biotech field and among them are GE Healthcare Biosciences AB, Fresenius Kabi AB, Phadia AB and Q-Med.

Uppsala Universitet Campus
Credit: Mikael Wallerstedt

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