University of Skövde

A hi-tech and modern university with close ties to industry

Campus location

What is the University of Skövde best known for?

The University of Skövde is a modern and welcoming university with first-class programmes and internationally competitive research, a place where we strive for the greatest accomplishments. We’re relatively young, but still comparable to more established universities in terms of quality. Here, you can study modern and cross-disciplinary programmes designed to meet demand from the labour market and the surrounding community.

We share premises with Science Park Skövde, a business incubator and talent factory and a natural meeting place between industry and academia. The Science Park also houses the University of Skövde Research Centres and provides lab and office facilities for companies with similar foci.

What kind of programmes does the University of Skövde offer?

The University of Skövde offers a range of bachelor’s and master’s programmes for international students. Our programmes cover various fields, such as: Biomedicine, Bioinformatics, Bioscience, Ecology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Computer Science and Informatics, Game Development, Engineering & Technology, Information Technology and Business Administration.

What are ties to local industry like?

Having a close collaboration with the labour market and the surrounding community is something that is highly prioritised by the University of Skövde. For us it’s natural to collaborate with our surrounding community and to maintain an ongoing dialogue with the business world, the region of West Gothia, local communities, organisations and students. We aim to be a key part of our region’s development, as well as the development of all of Sweden.

We are the Volvo Preferred Research Partner within virtual manufacturing and have ongoing projects with many other world-renowned companies, such as Astra Zeneca and Microsoft. Collaborating with international and local companies through mentorship programmes, advisory boards, guest lectures, degree projects, job fairs, etc. gives the students valuable contacts for the future and prepares them for their future careers.

Students sitting and talking on the grass outside of a University of Skövde campus building.
Photo: Rebecka Thor, University of Skövde
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