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A strong regional university with a focus on sustainable living

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Welcome to the University of Gävle!


What is the University of Gävle best known for?

The University of Gävle is a medium-sized university with a strong regional presence and a global network. We offer a study environment that’s full of creativity, on an environmentally-friendly and certified campus where collaboration with local businesses and municipalities is high on the agenda. Our prime focus area is sustainable human living environments, and our work for sustainability includes ecological, social and economic aspects which are integrated throughout the university on all levels and promoted by research.

What kind of programmes does the University of Gävle offer?

International programmes taught in English are offered in the following fields: MBA, electronics/automation, electronics/telecommunication, geomatics, industrial management, energy systems and energy engineering, which is taught online.

What are the main local industries?

There are lots of small, medium and large-sized companies in the region. One of the largest is Sandvik, which manufactures industrial products and has over 40,000 employees in over 130 countries worldwide.

University of Gävle Entrance
Photo: The University of Gävle
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