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Umeå University in the north of Sweden is one of the nation’s largest teaching universities with over 37,000 students

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What is Umeå University (UMU) best known for?

UMU is renowned for its comprehensive educational approach and creative learning environments, including its large unified campus and contemporary Arts Campus by the riverside. The university is characterised by its openness and approachability. Umeå University has for several consecutive
years received top marks by international students in surveys for higher education institutions. The vast majority of previous students would recommend applying to Umeå University.

Many of our more than 2,000 researchers and teachers are among the elite in Sweden and throughout the world. . Our research areas of excellence include: Arctic research, artificial intelligence, cancer research, infection biology, molecular medicine, and sustainability. The ground-breaking discovery of the CRISPR-Cas9 mechanism in bacteria, which became a gene editing tool now used in research labs worldwide, began in a laboratory here. Emmanuelle Charpentier’s discovery awarded her with the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Umeå University has been ranked among the world’s top young universities and its Umeå Institute of Design regularly places among the global elite.

Our Buddy Programme is a multicultural community engaging hundreds of international and domestic students, and according to our international students is one of the best things about student life in Umeå.

Campus Umeå is home to one of Europe’s largest indoor sports and fitness facilities. There you can enjoy climbing, swimming, ball and racket sports, group training and more. If you are looking for an outdoor workout – there is an on-campus outdoor gym that is open year round.

With a population of 130,000, Umeå is northern Sweden’s largest city – a dynamic city with a rich cultural life, trendy shopping, first-class restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and everything from design hotels to genuinely different accommodation.

Just around the corner from the busy city, those who seek outdoor adventure or tranquillity have massive forests, high mountains and roaring rivers for fishing, kayaking, canoeing and white-water rafting. Our countryside also offers farm shops, sights and attractions for all tastes – all within reach.

What kind of programmes does UMU offer?

We offer international programmes at all levels, with over 40 degree programmes at the master’s level. They are of the highest quality and provide our students with unique opportunities for professional and personal development. The teaching staff maintains a high level of scientific, pedagogic and professionally linked expertise.

Programmes are offered in all major academic disciplines, including business, design, architecture, public health, IT management, computer science, molecular biology, cognitive science and many more.

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What’s the alumni network like?

The Umeå University Alumni network has members spread across more than 100 countries. They are offered different possibilities to network socially and professionally, through physical and digital university-wide events or within a specific region or programme. They also receive an alumni newsletter to keep up to date with the University.

Notable alumni include: Stefan Löfven, the former Prime Minister of Sweden, Helena Helmersson, CEO of H&M Group, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO, Emmanuelle Charpentier, the 2020 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry and Dr. Denis Mukwege, 2018 Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

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What are the main local industries?

Umeå is home to many growing companies, mainly in the fields of biotechnology, medicine, IT, the environment and energy, and modern forestry and engineering industries.

Umeå University’s campuses encourage cross-border meetings – between students, researchers, teachers and external parties alike. Through close collaborations with local and international stakeholders, we also contribute to making new and exciting things possible in society.

Umeå Universitet Norrsken
Photo: Jan-Lindmark
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