The Swedish Red Cross University College

The Swedish Red Cross University College has one of the oldest nursing educations in Sweden

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What is the Swedish Red Cross University College best known for?

The Swedish Red Cross University College has one of the oldest nursing educations in Sweden. The global profile of the bachelor programme offers the students a possibility to develop global perspectives on health and in nursing. Our connection to the world wide humanitarian Red Cross/Red Crescent movement contributes to this unique global profile.

The Swedish Red Cross University College offers the only specialist nursing programme in infectious diseases in the country.

What kind of programmes does the Swedish Red Cross University College offer?

Bachelor Programme in Public Health Sciences specialising in Global Health
As people are brought closer to each other across national and geographical borders, new challenges and opportunities that have significant bearings on populations’ health emerge. Environmental, demographic and other health related changes all lead to important questions such as: how do we address growing health challenges? How do we prevent ill health and promote health? How is sustainable development related to health?

The bachelor programme in Public Health Sciences has been created with the challenges of global health in mind. The programme focuses on determinant factors as well as evidence based tools for improving the health of populations.

Students will be equipped with skills to analyse the health needs of populations (including vulnerable groups), as well as develop systematic, evidence based interventions for improving health at population level. In the tradition of the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, students will learn about the humanitarian and human rights perspective of health. They will also get hands on experience from ongoing local and international health promotion projects.

Why study with us?

  1. Affliation to an international organisation that addresses health and humanitarian issues
  2. Opportunities for internships, field studies and more at international and local organisations
  3. A safe international environment
  4. Strategic location in a multicampus setting with a bustling and active student life
  5. Unique future career opportunities through the diverse programmes offered

What are ties to local industry like?

The university college is located just next to Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge.

Swedish Red Cross University College
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