Swedish Defence University

The Swedish Defence University specialises in defence, crisis management & security

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The Swedish Defence University conducts education and research oriented towards making the world a safer place. Here, as a student, you will be able to develop in an academic environment where military and civil aspects of defence, crisis management and security come together. An environment where career and study go hand in hand.

With 1,000 military and civilian students, we are a small, specialist university. We cover the following subjects: international law; defence systems; war studies; leadership; command and control studies; military history; and, political science with a focus on crisis management and security.

Why you should study at the Swedish Defence University:

Interaction between civil and military

We are one of the world’s few higher education institutions with academic study courses and programmes in both the civil and military fields. This creates the right conditions for collaborations and understandings that contribute not only to superior societal security, but also to enhanced total defence.

Practical training and theory

Our courses and programmes combine theoretical input (in the form of lectures and seminars) with elements focused on practice. You can apply your new knowledge in realistic role plays and other exercises based on real-life situations.

Career-centred courses and programmes

Our courses and programmes prepare you for the demands of working life and of careers in research. Throughout your studies, you will often meet lecturers from commercial enterprises and public authorities. A degree from the Swedish Defence University opens many doors to interesting professions in defence, crisis management and security.

A small, personal university

The Swedish Defence University is small. Thus, as a student, you do not fade into the crowd. The conditions are optimal for close relationships with teachers and fellow students.

Master’s programmes at the Swedish Defence University:

We offer four master’s programmes:

A lecture hall at Sweden defence university, full with students.
Photo: The Swedish Defence University