Stockholm University

Sweden’s largest university and one of Europe’s leading centres for higher education and research in science, humanities, social sciences and law, located in one of the world’s most dynamic capitals.

Campus location

To grow. To make a difference. To go for the future.

What is Stockholm University (SU) best known for?

Ranked among the world’s top 100 universities, we are a leading European institution for higher education. First-class education and research ensure that you get the most out of your studies. We have more than 75 study programmes taught in English within a wide range of subject areas: science, social sciences, humanities and law.

Many choose to work or study at SU because of the first-class education and the excellent research conditions.

Education and research are closely linked at Stockholm University. As a student, you will have direct contact with leading researchers in your field and access to the most recent scientific findings.

Renowned researchers who teach here often describe meeting the students as one of the most satisfying aspects of their job.

When it comes to educating work-ready graduates, the 2020 Global University Employability Ranking ranked Stockholm University number 66 in the world. An education from Stockholm University prepares you for a career in Sweden and abroad.

Why study at Stockholm University?

As a student in Stockholm you get to experience a unique mixture of rural and urban. While our main campus is surrounded by nature in a Royal National City Park, the busy city centre is only a short bus or metro ride away. Beside bars, restaurants and cafés, the city is home to many of Sweden’s decision-making bodies, businesses and cultural institutions. Thus, you can lead a fun and memorable student life in a capital city, while studying and creating a competitive CV.

Stockholm University building from outside. In front of the buildings there are a few threes with full of pink flowers.
Stockholm University. Photo: Anna-Karin Landin