SLU – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

A world-class international university with research, education and environmental assessment within the sciences for sustainable life

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What is the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) best known for?

SLU is ranked as the third best university in the world in the subject Agriculture & Forestry (QS world university rankings).
Our educational programmes give students the opportunity to work with global challenges in a number of fields with strong connections to the UN sustainability goals.
SLU students are in demand on the labour market and often find employment immediately after graduating. Teaching at SLU takes place in close cooperation with research.

What kind of programmes does SLU offer?

We are the only Swedish university offering professional degrees in the following fields:

  • agricultural science
  • animal science
  • forest science
  • landscape architecture
  • veterinary medicine

The programme offering also includes a number of international Master’s programmes, such as Sustainable Food Systems, Horticultural Science, Food and Landscape and Forest Ecology and Sustainable management. SLU also offers one international Bachelor’s programme, Forest and Landscape.

More than 40 per cent of our courses are taught in English, and 60 per cent of our Master’s students come from countries other than Sweden. At our campuses, there are students from around 50 countries.

What’s the alumni network like?

Since SLU was launched in 1977, more than 39 000 people have graduated from SLU. There is an established alumni network and each end every member is an important ambassador for SLU. By staying connected, we can deliver even better solutions.

What are ties to local industry like?

SLU maintains a continual dialogue with various stakeholders, especially within the agricultural sectors: agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, horticulture, wildlife management, aquaculture and fisheries. Stakeholders are also found in the fields of veterinary medicine, natural resources and environment, rural development and landscape architecture.

SLU’s task as a sector university includes taking on future challenges and contributing our knowledge and skills, in cooperation with industry representatives. SLU Holding helps researchers translate new knowledge into innovations and commercial services. Garden therapy to combat burnout, odour traps that lure pest insects and a substance that enhances the effect of a vaccine are a few examples.

Our international commitment is deeply rooted in the university. SLU Global supports research and teaching projects for developing agriculture in low-income countries. We cooperate with the best universities in the world on issues related to food security, bioenergy, urban development and climate.

Students at SLU in Uppsala. Photo: Jenny Svennås-Gillner, SLU
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