Royal Institute of Art

An independent fine arts school in Stockholm

Campus location

What is the Royal Institute of Art (RIA) best known for?

Our small size creates an intimate atmosphere and allows students a high degree of influence over their studies.

We offer access to one of the best-equipped workshops of any college of art in Europe, and students on the master’s level usually have their own studio space. Our campus is open 24 hours a day, and students who get most inspired late at night can stay in their studios or work in the workshops at all hours.

Despite our small size, we have an international atmosphere with many international lecturers and students.

What kind of programmes does RIA offer?

We offer a two-year master’s programme in fine arts taught in English. We also offer a part-time, one-semester course in philosophy in the context of art. Many more courses and programmes are offered in Swedish or a mix of Swedish and English.

What’s the alumni network like?

Many of Sweden’s leading artists have studied here. Alumni can join our alumni network to take part in activities like open lectures, exhibitions, open house events and more.

What are ties to local industry like?

We are beautifully located on an island in the centre of Stockholm, close to cultural institutions like Moderna Museet, the Swedish Center for Architecture and Design, the National Museum and many art galleries.

We invite the public to attend our master students’ solo shows shown throughout the academic year in our gallery next to Moderna Museet. We also arrange a popular spring show each May and take part in the annual Stockholm Music & Arts festival.

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