Örebro University

A modern, ambitious university offering competitive education and internationally prominent research

Campus location

What is Örebro University best known for?

Every year, Örebro University welcomes hundreds of new students from around the world, each of them contributing to a globally conscious campus. We offer a highly-rewarding, personal study experience that helps you to find your future. As a student at Örebro University you will be offered an extensive introduction programme and dedicated housing support to ensure you a great start of your time with us. At Örebro University we are best known for it’s excellence in artificial intelligence and focused class sizes, with informal collaborative study alongside world-leading researchers and lecturers. With our main campus located just a stone’s throw away from nature and the city centre, we offer you the best combination of both, a quiet study atmosphere and a vibrant student life. We currently rank number 75 on the Times Higher Education ranking list of the best young universities in the world.

What kind of programmes does Örebro University offer?

We offer cutting-edge courses and programmes within a diverse range of subjects including experimental medicine, AI and robotics, information security, environmental forensics, sports physiology and social sciences.

What are the main local industries?

Örebro is an attractive and profitable place to do business, with a rich tradition of trade and industry. Thriving sectors in Örebro include engineering, IT/telecom, healthcare, hospitality and business services. Examples of international companies include Epiroc, Volvo, SAAB, BAE Systems, Orkla Foods, NCC, Skanska, Outukompu and Ovako.

Two students sitting and talking outside the university building of Örebro University.
Photo: Jonas Classon
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