Marie Cederschiöld University

A university dedicated to studies in social work, nursing and health care, psychotherapy, theology and church music

Campus location

Marie Cederschiöld University has a clear ethical and religious focus

What is Marie Cederschiöld University best known for?

Marie Cederschiöld University is known for the central locations of our campuses and the fact that our students are known to find jobs quickly after graduation.

What kind of programmes does Marie Cederschiöld offer?

We have programmes and courses in health care sciences, social sciences, psychotherapy, church music and theology. There is also a department for commissioned education that offers courses within our subject areas. Most of our programmes are taught in Swedish, but we offer some courses taught in English.

What’s the alumni association like?

Marie Cederschiöld Alumni is an association open for all of our previous students. The association has around 550 members. There is also a separate alumni association for nurses called Föreningen för Erstautbildade sjuksköterskor (the Association for Ersta-educated Nurses).

What are ties to local industry like?

We prepare our students for work primarily in nursing, social work, psychotherapy and church music. That means that hospitals, social offices and churches are among the places where our alumni work. All of those sectors are well-represented in Stockholm.

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