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What is Lund University best known for?

Lund University (LU) is one of the world’s top 100 universities and the most popular university in Sweden for international students. In addition to academic and research excellence, LU is famous for its unique student life that includes the historic student ‘nations’ offering social activities all year round. The charming city of Lund is cute and compact and just 40 minutes from Copenhagen. In Lund, 1,000 years of history is blended with the country’s youngest population, global companies and world-class research facilities.

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What kind of programmes does LU offer?

We offer over 100 master’s programmes, 9 bachelor’s programmes and 1000 stand-alone courses taught in English. As a comprehensive university, we can offer education in a wide range of subject areas, as well as several unique interdisciplinary programmes. The university is divided into eight faculties: the Faculty of Engineering, the School of Economics and Management, the Faculty of Performing Arts, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculties of Humanities and Theology, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Law. A number of specialised and multidisciplinary centres and research institutes also offer education in English.

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What’s the alumni network like?

Lund University has had the privilege of educating several prime ministers, Nobel laureates, a president and a variety of notable leaders in society. The Lund University Alumni Network has over 39,000 registered members around the world, so there are endless possibilities for expanding your professional and social networks. Former students, researchers and employees have joined this network, which is a great resource for career development as well as keeping in touch with former classmates. The network can be used to gain insight into studies and student life at Lund University, seek graduate and career advice and to connect with alumni during studies, after graduation and throughout one’s working life.

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What are the main local industries?

Lund University places a strong emphasis on the employability of students and delivers programmes and courses in close interaction with both local and global businesses and organisations. Lund is a part of the Malmö region, the 4th most inventive region in the world*, and has an impressive breadth of knowledge-intense companies. Ericsson, Sony Mobile, Tetra Pak, Gambro, Alfa Laval are some of the global and well-known companies with which the University cooperates. Venturelab, Ideon Science Park and Medicon Village offer unique environments for entrepreneurs, research groups and organisations, enabling them to integrate research and innovation with new business models.

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*(Forbes: The World’s 15 Most Inventive Cities 2013)

Lund University
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