Linnaeus University

  • Location: Kalmar & Växjö
  • Founded: 2010
  • Students: 18626
  • Faculty: 1180
  • Website: Linnaeus University

A modern university in southeastern Sweden with a strong international profile

What is Linnaeus University (LNU) best known for?

LNU is named after Carl Linnaeus, the most famous and world-renowned Swedish scientist of the last few centuries. Carl Linnaeus was intrepid, curious and innovative — this is the key to inspiration at Linnaeus University.

We have a strong international profile with 1,600 international students every year and 750 partner universities in more than 60 countries. We’re also one of Sweden’s larger universities, with 31,000 students.

We offer a learning environment that enables you to grow as a person, with teaching and research staff in close proximity to students. Student life here is also active, with a student union and many student associations organising buddy programmes, ‘friend families’ and all kinds of social, cultural and sport activities.

At LNU nature is just around the corner, adding to the quality of life during your studies. Växjö has been declared ‘the greenest city in Europe’ and is surrounded by wonderful forests and lakes, while Kalmar is a charming town dating back to the Middle Ages, beautifully located by the Baltic Sea.

What kind of programmes does LNU offer?

We offer bachelor’s and master’s programmes, a summer academy and a preparatory English course.

Bachelor’s programmes in

  • Business and economics
  • Computer science/IT
  • Design
  • Mathematics

Master’s programmes in

  • Business and economics
  • Behavioural sciences
  • Computer science/IT
  • Cultural studies and social sciences
  • Design
  • Mathematics
  • Natural sciences
  • Technology and engineering

Summer Academy

Linnaeus University Summer Academy is an international, intercultural and interdisciplinary summer academy – unique in Sweden. The courses originate in Swedish culture and an innovative mindset. They are workshop-oriented and have a strong student focus. The courses range from language, human rights and entrepreneurship to outdoor studies, glass design and sustainable development.

What are the main local industries?

Linnaeus University has a well-established and close collaboration with IKEA, the world’s largest furniture company, founded in the region of Småland where the university is located. One result of the collaboration is the master programme ‘Innovation through Business, Engineering and Design’, established in 2013.


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