Halmstad University

A university located in one of Sweden’s greenest, most liveable & innovative small coastal cities

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What is Halmstad University best known for?

We are a leading institution of higher education and research in unique, cutting-edge areas that give you more opportunities to make a difference today and in the future. We give you greater access to world-class facilities, more frequent interaction with highly competent professors who are dedicated to your success and a peaceful place to live and learn.

Whether you want to work in innovation or information, as a business manager, environmental strategist or personal health advisor, or launch your own business or academic career – the road to your success starts here.

We’re located in one of Sweden’s greenest, most liveable and most innovative small cities, in Halland province on the beautiful southwest Swedish coast. Halmstad offers you a peaceful study environment and an inspiring seaside and riverside setting that includes Sweden’s most famous beach – Tylösand.

What kind of programmes does Halmstad University offer?

Halmstad University offers programmes and courses in areas including information technology, innovation sciences and health and lifestyle.

Non-degree courses in:

  • Network design and computer management
  • Network security and advanced internet working
  • Media, communications and lifestyle
  • Research and applied work in sport and exercise psychology

Master’s programmes in:

  • Applied Environmental Science – Ecosystem Services and Nature Resource Management 60 credits
  • Digital Learning 120 credits
  • Digital Service Innovation 120 credits
  • Energy Smart Innovation in the Built Environment 120 credits 
  • Embedded and Intelligent Systems 120 credits
  • Electronics Design 60 credits
  • Exercise Biomedicine – Health and Performance 60 credits
  • Information Technology 120 credits
  • Industrial Management and Innovation 120 credits
  • Mechanical Engineering 60 credits
  • Network Forensics 60 credits
  • Nordic Welfare 60 credits

What’s the alumni network like?

Many entrepreneurial companies have evolved from Halmstad University. The most well-known international companies are HMS, founded by alumnus Nicholas Hassbjer, and Comfort Audio, founded by alumni Carl Johan Lagervall and August Pansell.

What are the main local industries?

Getinge Group, Albany International, HMS, Comfort Audio, Tylö and Eleiko are well-known international companies in their genre located in Halmstad. Halmstad is also the administrative centre of Halland county, which means that the county administrative board, the county council and the regional hospital are all located in Halmstad.

Group of international students standing and chatting outside of a Halmstad University campus building.
Photo: Dan Bergmark, Halmstad University
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