Dalarna University

What makes Dalarna University so special is the concept of closeness: close contact between students and teachers, and you’re always close to adventure

Campus location

A great place for International Students


What is DU best known for?

In Sweden, DU is known for being the leader in integrating technology and new pedagogy within education. Our international students most enjoy the immediate access to nature and outdoor adventure while frequently commenting on the unique experience studying in a small town provides.

What kind of programmes does DU offer?

DU offers Sweden’s only master’s programme in solar energy engineering (Europes first solar energy engineering program). We also offer master’s programmes in business, data science, sustainable tourism, energy efficient buildings, material science and economics.

What are the main local industries?

Although Dalarna’s largest town has a population of around 55,000, this region of Sweden is home to innovative Swedish companies like ABB, SSAB, Clas Ohlson and Stora Ensö. Additionally, the tourism industry is very strong in Dalarna thanks to offering some of Sweden’s best skiing and nature reserves.

Dalarna University Campus