Blekinge Institute of Technology

One of the most distinctly profiled universities in Sweden, where applied IT and innovation for sustainable growth are in focus.

What is Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) best known for?

The university is among the world´s most outstanding higher education institutions within software engineering and sustainable development. In both education and research there is a close link to industry and society.

Our vision is to conduct education and research in which engineering and IT are integrated with other disciplines such as spatial planning, industrial economics, design and health sciences to contribute to solving the challenges facing society. Everything we do at BTH has three distinctive perspectives: innovation, sustainability and in real life, which means collaboration and close contact with both industry and society.

BTH is located in the Blekinge region in South-eastern Sweden. Both campuses are on the seafront and known for being some of the most beautiful in Sweden.

Life on campus is multicultural as we attract students and staff from all around the world. We also collaborate in exchange programmes and networks with universities in Europe and other parts of the world.

What kind of programmes does BTH offer?

BTH offers seven master´s programmes in English in a variety of fields

Two-year programmes
Master of Science Programme in Computer Science 120 credits
Master of Science Programme in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Telecommunication Systems 120 credits
Master of Science Programme in Mechanical Engineering with Emphasis on Structural Mechanics 120 credits
Master of Science Programme in Software Engineering 120 credits

One-year programmes
Master’s programme in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability 60 credits
Master Programme in Spatial Planning 60 credits
MBA programme 60 ECTS Part time

What’s the alumni network like?

BTH has a large alumni association, BTH Alumni.

What are ties to local industry like?

BTH collaborates with many well-known companies such as Ericsson andTelenor.


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