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University courses in Sweden

Study Swedish in Sweden. Several universities offer Swedish language courses or programmes for all levels.

Full-time Swedish courses for beginners

Several Swedish universities offer full-time year-long programmes in Swedish. Many of these programmes lead to eligibility in Swedish for further university study. Visit each programme website for further details.

Part-time Swedish courses for beginners

Most universities offer part-time courses in Swedish for international students. Visit your university’s website to find out more about their offering or search courses across Sweden at

Advanced Swedish courses for non-native speakers

Several Swedish universities offer part-time or full-time courses in Swedish for students who already know basic Swedish.

You can also search for courses in Swedish as a foreign language, or svenska som främmande språk, at (in Swedish) or Bear in mind that in Sweden, courses in Swedish as a second language or svenska som andraspråk are usually aimed at students who already speak Swedish and want to become Swedish language teachers.


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