Proficiency tests

Prove your proficiency in Swedish through a recognised test.

If you plan to work or study in Swedish in Sweden, having proof of your Swedish proficiency can be advantageous – or a requirement. The following tests provide proof of proficiency at varying levels.

To read more about how to prove your proficiency in Swedish for university studies, visit (in Swedish).


The Test in Swedish for University Studies (TISUS) provides proof of eligibility for university studies taught in Swedish. TISUS includes reading comprehension, oral presentation and written composition and is held twice a year in Sweden and at a number of Swedish embassies/schools outside Sweden.

Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Certificate in Business Swedish

The Certificate in Business Swedish was established by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and can be used as proof of your skills in business Swedish. Test dates are offered twice a year in Stockholm.


Swedex examinations measure Swedish language competence for non-native speakers. Funded in part by the European Commission, Swedex examinations are conducted regularly in Sweden and throughout Europe. Swedex offers tests at the A2, B1 and B2 levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


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