Three students walking down a historical street in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Nicho Södling/

Adult education and summer courses

Adult education associations in Sweden often offer language courses in Swedish. Or perhaps you'd prefer a summer course?

Adult education associations

A wide range of Swedish courses is available through adult education associations, of varying content, length and intensity. Some provide board and lodging and organise social activities, whilst others only offer language instruction. Course providers issue their own certificates. Some schools will offer courses with starting dates throughout the year, while others may focus on summer programmes.

The most established adult education associations offering courses in Swedish are:

There are many other private providers of language courses in Sweden if you’re interested in finding a part-time course alongside your studies at a private institution. These can be found through a simple web search.

Please note that it’s not possible to be granted a residence permit to attend Swedish language courses in Sweden that are not part of an accredited degree programme at a university.

Summer courses

The following associations and institutions offer summer courses in Swedish:

Swedish Institute courses

The Swedish Institute organises international summer courses (Information after the link is in Swedish). These courses, held in cooperation with independent adult education colleges known as folk high schools (folkhögskolor), are not intended for beginners, but rather for students already studying Swedish at university level outside of Sweden. Occasionally, other students are admitted, depending on the number of places available. However, all applicants must have studied Swedish for at least 100 hours or more to be eligible.


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