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Cost of living in Sweden

What's an average student budget in Sweden?

Like everywhere, living costs in Sweden depend on your personal lifestyle and where you live. Here’s an average monthly budget:

Food: SEK 2,000
Accommodation: SEK 4,070
Local travel: SEK 550
Phone/internet: SEK 300
Hobby/leisure, miscellaneous: SEK 1,450

Total: SEK 8,370 (around €815 or $925).

Remember that when applying for a residence permit, you need to prove to the Swedish Migration Agency that you can support yourself financially during your studies. Visit the Migration Agency’s website for more information.

To help you get a better idea of how to budget, several of our bloggers have written about their personal finances and spending habits.

General cost of living:

City-specific spending guides:

Money-saving tips:


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