My name is Amber and I'm from China 🇨🇳. I'm a student at Uppsala University, where I study a Master's in Sustainable Destination Development.

Photo: Oskar Omne

Hej hej😄

I am Amber. I came from China and am currently studying at Uppsala University Sustainable 
Destination Development Master’s Program. I am curious and like to explore myself and the 
world. I have many interests and hobbies. The process of going to work and dorm in several 
countries in Southeast Asia during my sophomore year gave me inspiration, about life, about travel, about sustainability, about the power of youth💪 
I decided to come to Sweden, not only because of the master program I like, but also the  
natural environment and social atmosphere here, especially the concept of sustainability and gender, which I want to experience. Coupled with taking classes at Gotland, it was hard for  me to say no to the sea. I wonder how many possibilities or manifestations the frequently mentionedsustainablereally has, and I think Sweden is a great destination to explore. 💪 
Being a student ambassador has given me a good opportunity to share with more people the events or lifestyles that I am curious and willing to participate in. In the next year I will be  creating content for the Chinese social media team. I hope that I can share more with you  from the perspective of sustainability and tourism-related majors. Also, real and fresh Swedish study life! 💪 (If you meet us for the first time, please continue to pay attention, you will get more surprises here!) 

MSc in Sustainable Destination Development at Uppsala University