Reasons to Study Entrepreneurship in Sweden

Four key characteristics entrepreneurs need to have


Every entrepreneur who succeeded in their ventures is extremely passionate. Elon Musk has an intense amount of passion which helped him to build companies like SpaceX and Tesla. In this video, you can clearly see the passion in Elon Musk’s face when he celebrates the Falcon Heavy Launch. Similar passion helped Steve Jobs to create amazing apple products.


Entrepreneurs think out of the box and solve problems that no one else can think of. To come up with these out of the box solutions there is no alternative to creative thinking and innovation.


To be an entrepreneur you need to think about different solutions to one problem and to be able to do that an open mind is necessary. Other people’s opinion helps entrepreneurs to think from different perspectives. While launching your startup taking consideration of different views are essential.


Nine out of ten startups fail, and this outrageous statistic shows the importance of perseverance. Being obsessed your passion and relentless perseverance to achieve the goal is essential to be a successful entrepreneur. One of the famous entrepreneurs of your time Jack Ma, failed so many times before he succeeded with his company Alibaba.

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How Sweden helps you to build these key characteristics

Non-hierarchical Swedish society

The non-hierarchical nature of Swedish society encourages to question the status quo and explore the unknown. That is why Sweden is the second most innovative country in the world. Check out these 10 amazing Swedish innovations and get inspired by it.  You will also get the chance to explore your innovative ideas if you decide to study entrepreneurship here. Swedish society also scores high in open-mindedness, which enables anyone to explore their ideas without any judgments.

Education System

Swedish education system encourages students to think critically which enhances the creative problem skills of students. Students are encouraged to solve problems and do extensive research rather than following a specific textbook where solutions are already provided. This type of practice is perfect for entrepreneurship education because to be an entrepreneur a person needs to know how to think critically and explore different areas of interest. To know more about studying entrepreneurship, please follow the blog of Ayman.

Equality and diversity

We come from different countries to study in Sweden and sometimes in our home country all the professions are not treated equally. This is one of the major barriers to follow our  passion and make our dream come true. Sweden is considered one of the most equal countries in the world. Here it does not matter which gender or which country you are coming from Sweden makes sure that you have the equal opportunity to follow your passion. As discussed above entrepreneurs are passionate people and to harness your passion no country is better than Sweden.

Queue System

Swedish people love waiting in queue for everything, and this norm teaches you how to be patient. This point might seem not related to be an entrepreneur but to be a successful entrepreneur you need to be patient because launching a successful venture takes time.

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Written by Raeed

15 Feb 2018