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Written by Anita

05 Jan 2018

If you’re applying to study in Sweden. This blog post is for you! Here is a collection of blogs written by our digital ambassadors that showcase the information you’ve been looking for when it comes to student life in Sweden.


Sometimes, as a student looking for specific information about Sweden may be overwhelming with websites such as,, and the list goes on and on.

I have decided to write you a comprehensive guide to blog posts written by various students digital ambassadors who come from a range of countries across the world for you to read.

Applying to Sweden

Credits: Sofia Sabel/

Anita on Sweden Application tips

Sanjay on Choosing the Right University

Sania on 3 Tips for your university application

Sania on Should you study in Sweden


Credits: Simon Paulin/

Lara on A complete guide to Study in Sweden Scholarships

Dena on Applying for a Swedish Institute Scholarship

Lara on Why she chose Lund University and Sweden

Ivanna on Scholarships to Lund University

Anita on Kenya to Sweden on SIS Scholarship


Applying to Sweden
Credits: Tuukka Ervasti/

Angelina on looking for housing in Sweden

Supritha on Student accommodation in Stockholm

Justine on How to find accommodation in Linkoping

Agnez on Living in dorms

Anita on Housing in Gothenburg

Part-time Jobs

Credits: Fredrik Broman/

Andrés on Part-time jobs in Sweden

Gimmy on Job-hunting in Sweden

Ivanna on Internships in Sweden

Redwan on Part-time jobs in Sweden

Raghu on What happens after you find a job in Sweden

Weather in Sweden

Credits: Niclas Vestefjell/

Supritha on Snow Problems

Andres on What to Expect of Winter

Lara on How to dress for winter (female edition)

Anita on 50 shades of Swedish Autumn

Costs of living

Credits: Simon Paulin/

Anita on Cost of living in Sweden 2018

Andaç on Cost of living in Sweden 2017

and also in 2016

Anita on 5 tips to live cheap in Sweden

Raghu on How to live cheap in Stockholm

Francesca on Eating in Sweden on a budget

Learning Swedish

Credits: Fredrik Broman/

Lara on Learning Swedish with Folksuniversitet

Leonilla on 5 ways to learn Swedish outside the classroom

Angelina on Learning Swedish in a fun way

Andres on Learning Swedish using today’s media


Credits: Emelie Asplund/

Usisipho on studying at Chalmers

Francesco on studying a masters in communication

Anita on Masters in Global Studies

Lara on LLM in Sweden

Carolyn on Swedish Design School

Healthcare in Sweden

Credits: Helena Wahlman/

Emma on healthcare in Sweden

Alex on life in Sweden without a personal number

Marina on What happens if you need to go to the hospital

Agnez on going to the doctors without a personal number


Hope this helps you out or at least give you a little more information on what you were looking for!

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Written by Anita

05 Jan 2018