2018 Swedish food calendar


Written by Sania

21 Dec 2017


We all know where it starts, January! It is not really a busy month for the baking department in my place since everyone is mostly just got home after the Christmas/winter break. Probably will have a dammsugare (the green sweet with chocolate on both ends, not a vacuum cleaner) or a slice princess cake since 12th of January is a Marzipan day. Since I’m not a fan of marzipan, I’m not really looking forward to this day but I will make sure to have another Swedish treat. Oh, right click on the monthly calendar’s picture to open a new page where you can download the high resolution of the calendar for free. Yasss!

January 2018
Wait for Marzipan day on the 12th!

So, I made a special calendar dedicated to the various days dedicated to the sweet treats of Sweden. Most of the month has more than one temadag, and few others have none that I know of such as June – which is not that sad since midsummer will fall in June this year so there is always something to celebrate! February is one of the months that I’ve been waiting for since it has Fettisdagen and everyone must eat semla – a bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream.

February and semla
February and semla

I haven’t made my own semla yet but perhaps with the force that is strong in my household, I might be able to bake them myself (with my lovely housemates) next year with the recipe shared by Leonilla! At least something to look forward to other than the master thesis.

March calendar
Who doesn’t like a waffle?

Look at that yummy berries with waffle, and the waffle day will fall on Sunday on 2018. I can not imagine a better plan for Sunday brunch with friends but to eat waffles and care less about our master theses. Brunch, inte breakfast because we will probably wake up at 10 in the morning – that is still considered as morning time right?

April is for polkagris
April is for polkagris

Many will identify this as Christmas candy cane. Elke wrote a blog post about this historical Swedish candy sticks. The digital ambassadors went to the very town of Gränna early this year.

May the chokladbullar be with you
May the chokladbullar be with you

Leonilla, our past bloggers, shared the recipe of Swedish chocolate balls here. Now, I am sharing the calendar of May 2018 here. This little sweet is very easy to made and suitable for snacks during an exam (you can eat snacks when you are having an exam in Swedish universities, cool rule, I know).

Juni 2018
There is no special dessert day but June is special because it’s summer
July 2018
Barbeque and hot dog, what could go better?
August 2018
One of my favorite Swedish tradition, crayfish party!

Trust me, those three months will pass by so fast that suddenly you feel that Sweden is being cold and gloomy self all over again (read: winter). Although, autumn is also very beautiful in Sweden and definitely something to look forward to.

September 2018
September means it’s time for apples
October 2018
Cinnamon bun day is this month
November 2018
Never try this yet!
December 2018
The sweet spice, saffron

From Anita’s post, I found out about Gustav Adolfs-bakelse which I have never tried yet so I’m looking forward to trying this sweet treat next year – so do you! Right? It’s so fun to have something sweet to look to on each month, that is why I am sharing this calendar which I designed so you can also experience the excitement that I have for 2018. Which sweet treat that you are looking forward to?


Written by Sania

21 Dec 2017