My last words as a Digital Ambassador…

Time went by really fast. Right now I feel like I sat on the plane to come to Sweden, I blinked for one second and two years passed by.
Don’t get me wrong, a lot happened. Every single aspect of my life changed: my strength, my clothes, my diet, my purposes, my goals and my opinions. But still, two years of my life, lived so intensely, belong to the past now. And while I’m still a Digital Ambassador, I feel like it’s time to give you guys my last words about this experience in Sweden.


This place was not easy on me. Not because I didn’t expect that, but because one can’t really predict everything that will happen. That’s when things change. “I will make friends”, “I will study”, “I will cry a little bit”, “I will travel”, “I will try new food”, “I will laugh” and “I will learn new things”. Those were my first thoughts. Those are probably your thoughts right now before applying or arriving to study in Sweden. I’ll tell you one thing: it’s way more than that.

The word transformation literally means going beyond your form. That’s what happened when I came to Sweden. And that’s the best reason for you to come too. All you can imagine will happen and more. Everything you think you can predict will surprise you somehow. Everything you think you will feel, will hit you harder (good or bad). All the things you will see, will be marked in your memory as a movie. The people you will meet, will help you figure out who you want to be or who you don’t want to be. The smells will bring you to places. The places will bring you to moments. The moments will remind you how much you and everything changed in such a short amount of time.

But change is the best thing that can happen to us. Sweden was the best change that happened to me.


Written by Marina

01 Sep 2017