International Interview: Diversity in Sweden

One of the best things about Sweden is the diversity. Sweden celebrates diversity and individuality. If you ask me what I like best about Sweden, I would say it’s this spirit of diversity. Let’s see what my friends from all over the world who study in different universities in Sweden like best about this place 😀

Me: Hey! What do you like about Sweden?

“In Sweden, I get a sense of belonging to the society. People are so kind and calm and it is such a refresing experince, you will never feel isolated here”

– Tabassom Farzad, an Iranian student

“For me one of the best thing in Sweden is experiencing seasons changing (is something I don’t get to experience in my country) and learning from the people here how to cope/live with the darkness (in a good way). To be more precise what I like about Sweden is how people are in some point connected to the environment they live each season as it is.”

-Adriana Soto Trujillo, a Bolivian student

“I’d say the best thing about studying in Sweden so far, is the international character of its universities! Not only students, but also teachers from around the world, add a global context to academical knowledge. It’s a great experience towards becoming a global citizen! Furthermore, Sweden’s educational system makes you always feel comfortable, welcome, and promotes creativity in a safe and clean school environment! Oh, and don’t neglect the Swedish quality of life and the beauty of Swedish nature.. You can always find something interesting and fun to do!!”

– Konstantinos Stouris, a Greek student  

“The best part of being in Sweden is it’s mixed culture and welcoming nature. Peaceful and calm place it is. The Swedes are too are very sweet and innocent with a lovely smile on their face which makes me approach them easily and comfortable to get along. And yes the Swedish fika is amazing. It was the first thing I had heard of before coming here and now I enjoy it a lot with my Swedish and other international friends here”

-Neha Kumari, an Indian student

“Sweden always has beautiful sunrises… I am kind of person who likes to getting up early. And I also like the towering trees here. I love running, the forest here make me feel better to run..compared with run in a iron- forest-like city”

-Zhuhuan Liu, a Chinese student

“Everybody speaks English. Once, two kids on the train (9 years old or something) taught me basic Swedish. They speak perfect English.”

– Satu Cahaya Langit, an Indonesian student

“Being inspired day to day about how much Sweden thrives for equality, especially in terms of gender equality. Also, seeing men routing for it as much as women do just warms my heart.”

Edite Garjane, A Latvian student

“The best part of being in Sweden is that there are no ants, no matter how messy and how long you have left over on the kitchen counter. Lovely.”

Made Sania, an Indonesian student

“I think driving around and seeing all these wide fields and lakes with the little red houses exactly like I imagined and know it from movies and my childhood books”

Justine Souul, A German student

“I like how the old people here are so sweet and friendly and fun to talk to.”

Anita Mureithi, A Kenyan student 

“There are always friendly people to save a lost me on the street”

Yan Che, A Chinese student

“Swedes are really open towards different people and foreigners. The nature is beautiful and sustainability is important here”

Leonilla Forsblom, a Finnish student


It’s such an overwhelming feeling to be in such a mixed and amazing crowd. Sweden keeps inspiring me every single day and I have learnt and evolved so much in such a short time. Having international friends and such a diverse circle opens your mind and soul to things that you didn’t know before. It’s amazing to have the whole world live happily and study in one country 😀

A huge thanks to all my wonderful friends who took their time out to tell me their favorite part of studying in Sweden. <3

I’ll see you in the next post,

For now, your Swe-Desi seafarer signing off 🙂


Written by Supritha

13 Dec 2016