Winter Wonderland: Getting ready for winter 2016

Winter might still be on its way in Winterfell, but here in Stockholm it has arrived!! Day light savings have ended and the snow flakes are here! Winter 2016 is here quite earlier compared to Winter 2015. And it was quite a chilly start to my November.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen snow.Ever. And, oh my god, it’s beautiful. A month ago I was jumping around red and yellow leaves and now, it’s all barren and white! I think I have a new favorite season!


Nature is such a marvelous thing!Something so beautiful can sometimes have adverse effects. But, don’t let the freezing climate dampen your spirits! Here is the ultimate list of things you need to survive the beginning to winter.

Winter must haves: 

  1. A big winter jacket : You need to be all warm and cozy to be able to walk out and face those cold and cutting winds. Always wear a jacket. A big snug one at that.
  2.  Winter boots: The roads get super slippery and if you’re a clumsy oaf like me, then you’ve got to be extra careful. Always step out wearing those big winter boots with extra grip.
  3. Cap and ear muffs: Your ears need to be covered at all times, please cover it up with winter caps, and ear muffs.
  4. Warm socks: Warm up your feet with those big snugly pair of socks. Do not try to manage with those cute little summer ankle socks. Feet and your leg muscles are the first to start aching during those winter chills, so be extra careful.
  5. Umbrella: Put on your winter caps at all times,but please always have an umbrella with you, just in case the the snow shower gets too intense.
  6. Hot chocolate /coffee: Do I even need to give a reason to drink hot chocolate? But anyway, always remember it is not good enough to keep your body warm from the outside by wearing a jacket, it is important to keep it warm from the inside as well. Drink a lot of warm milk and go and conquer the day.pic
  7. Sweater: The big jacket is for you to wear when you are out in the open. But, even when you are inside a building, have a sweater with you. The centralized heat might not always be fully effective.
  8. Positive attitude: The cold and the dark can get pretty depressing. Getting out of your warm, toasty bed and heading to that 8 AM class might seem like a burden, but try to maintain a positive attitude. After all, you cant make snow angels on the ground during summer, or pretend to be Elsa during spring. So take advantage of the little winter perks like learning to ice skate and enjoy it as much as you can.
  9.  Water: As the temperature drops, the frequency of drinking water also drops. But take an active effort to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water.
  10. Happy playlist and a winter journal: When the hard core winter blues start creeping up, put on a happy fun playlist and dance in your room. Write a winter journal: Things you like about the winter, what you learnt this winter, your winter experiences , what you dont like about winter and how to cope with it. This way, you will not only get your irritation out, but you will also be able to find small things you like about winter to keep you going.

clipart kid
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  • A camera: It’s too pretty outside to walk away from those cold, soft patches of snow without taking pictures! Also taking photos, will make you see the beauty of winter more and help you forget about the frost bites and chills, at least for a minute or two.
  • So come along, and let’s get through this winter together.

    For now,

    -your Swe-desi Seafarer signing off 🙂


    Written by Supritha

    02 Nov 2016