An introduction to Swedish Comedy – Jan Stenmark

So, after spending many months working with my master thesis partner, I have finally started getting a hold of his Swedish sense of irony. Once I got a hang of it, I found it absolutely hilarious. He introduced me to Jan Stenmark, whose art and ‘memes’ can be found on many posters and cards. Following are my favorites, dark, ironical, critical and always extremely observant!


hahaha! this is so relatable, being reflective and way tooo grown up for my age when I was a babyyy


This one is so deep and then has so many layers with like the researchers’ picture, feels like it was an experiment and they have finally found the answer. Much like Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Screenshot 2016-04-17 at 7.13.11 PM

Translates to ‘One day we all have to die” “All other days we do not”


I went – oh whoaaa when I noticed it!


All pictures by Jan Stenmark and translations provided by:


Written by Raghuraman

20 Apr 2016