Swedish Weather vs. Birth Rate in four graphs

Hello?? It is almost mid-February… I am still patiently waiting for my thesis to start… 3 weeks in…. still waiting for a company computer… (#StruggleIsReal) Many of my comrades are also waiting for some sort of IT help… Log-ins, Software license… etc.

Anyways, we still Fika as usual.

Today, my friend and I were discussing the weather (80% of typical Swedish table topic). I felt that the days are getting longer. Is it true? 

As it turns out, the daylight hours do not follow a normal-distribution!

The days in January are much lighter than December!

Here are the four graphs you need in order to understand Sweden.



It is not only un-sunny during December, the sun’s altitude is also ridiculously low… Sun hoovers over the horizon, and then sets 2 hours later…


Example on Wikipedia: Sun’s altitude over the course the year (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_path)



Not only is the temperature in January low, it also rains a LOT!

Ps. throw in a few reflective gear to stay Swedishly safe this winter!

reflector mario



People always say most babies in Sweden are conceived during Mid-Summer festival… Not really, according to my findings.

I found the Swedish conception rate by taking the differential of Sweden’s birth-rate and circular-shifted 9-month forward (assuming typical pregnancy is 3-trimesters).



What I found instead is the biggest stimulus for baby-conception is related to the sharp drop in daylight sunniness…


Monthly Alcohol Consumption vs. Daylight hours… and…

why you should avoid binge drinking, especially during the winter…


I hope I have made a significant contribution to the Swedish Anthropology Society. You are welcome!

%% Oh! Don’t forget to reference: (super important here in Sweden!)

[1] www.scb.se/en_/Finding-statistics/Statistics-by-subject-area/Population/Population-composition/Population-statistics/Aktuell-Pong/25795/Monthly-statistics–The-whole-country/25890/

[2] http://www.gothenburg.climatemps.com/



(PS. this guy below might be “over-doing” this safety thing…)


Written by Gimmy

05 Feb 2016