Truths about the snow

I came here to tell the truth, only the truth and nothing more than the truth.

I feel like I’m the official blogger for the weather in Sweden, specialized on the snow of course. But now that snow is not that new to me, I must tell you what I think about it now and what I discovered about it. So let’s do this.

First things first, the snow is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. But it hurts. You will feel like you will lose all of your finger, even with the best pair of gloves and your face will hurt like if someone is pinching your cheeks really hard.

Second, it is amazing to see the snow falling, it looks like someone pressed the slow motion button. But I can no longe use my bike. Well, I could, but I’m too scared to slide and hurt myself. If I already almost fall with my two feet on the ground, imagine in two wheels. So there it goes my only daily exercise.

Third thing I have to say is that it looks amazing how everything changed to white fields and powdered pine trees. But this weather dries your skin like crazy. I seriously spend a bottle of moisturizer a week, because you can get really dry skin, that can hurt and itch. So be careful!

Forth, the snow is different from everything I have ever seen, it is even hard to explain, you should experience. But I can’t even be happy about a positive temperature, because that means that the snow will melt and then when the temperature goes negative again, that melted snow will become very-slippery-almost-falling ice. And since I’m very dramatic, every little slip I shout and I can’t even pretend that I almost fall hehe (it is actually kind of funny).

In the end the last thing I have to say is: it is all worth it. I still get really happy whenever I realized how nature changed in a few months and get to see all of this white thing that does not exist in my country. So, the truths are there, but the REAL truth still is that snow is pretty AWESOME.


Written by Marina

04 Feb 2016