Uppsala City in 1911

One of the oldest cities in Sweden…

With a political, intellectual and historical domination in Swedish history, Uppsala has played very critical role in the development of Sweden. Throughout the history, two institutions, the University (1477) and the Archdiocese, made Uppsala a place of interest for tradesman, students, and European intellectuals.

In the history, the city also became the home of some historical figures like Carl Linnaeus, Anders Celsius, Ingmar Bergman and more but have you ever wondered how Uppsala was looking like?

A video from filmarkivet.se, which is funded by Svenska Filminstutet and National Library of Sweden, shows us how Uppsala was like in year 1911!

Among all of videos that I have found, the video below is the oldest one that is about Uppsala. During six minutes of a historical journey, you will enjoy how daily life was during pre-war period in the intellectual capital of Sweden.

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Andaç Baran

Written by Andaç Baran

03 Feb 2016