6 ultimate truths about Sweden

Since we are starting a new year, I just thought I should let you know, with no filters at all, the truth about Sweden. And since I like lists and we just started 2016, I decided to give you six ultimate truths about this beautiful country that now I live. And here we go.

1) When you think it’s cold. It not even close of how cold it really is. I’ve been to freaking Russia and Sweden was still colder than there. I already got used to my cold feet at home and I always put more layers than I think I need, because somehow, whenever I go out I figure out I could fit another layer there.

2) It’s not a lie that Sweden is a very organized country. So I had to say here how organized it really is. You can see in their queues, you can see when you are at a party that ends at 1 am, you can see when pedestrians wait for the green light even when there’s not even a soul crossing the street. Organization is everywhere. And of course, this will never be a bad thing, but you will feel the difference if you come from a country that is a little bit less organized than Sweden.

3) People indeed can be could and distant. Coming from Brazil, of course I felt this in a different level, but since we are telling the truth, this must be said anyway. Swedish people like their personal space and you will take a while to be really become good friends with them. BUT, yes big like that, they are very polite, they will say hi and ask how are you, so that kind of compensates their distance.

4) The life cost is not THAT expensive. People like to say that Sweden is extremely expensive to live, but I really disagree when it comes to that. I’m not going to say that is cheap either (that would be an ultimate lie and we are telling the truth here), but you can manage yourself with 8000 SEK, pay rent, buy food, survive, buy something you want and if you are very organized, you can even travel a little bit.

5) The basic colors fashion fever will get to you. Here, everyone dresses with the basic colors on a day-to-day basis. Meaning that all you will see is people dressed up with black, white, gray, baby blue, beige and all the pale colors of the spectrum. And after a while you will notice that you will start to dress like that. It’s not only practical, but looks pretty cool also.

6) The fika culture is real and will get to you. You can understand what fika is in this blog because I’m sure we have a bunch of posts about that, since is one of people’s favorite (and so it’s mine hehe). You will see yourself craving for a coffee break, it’s just inevitable.

I hope you liked my honesty when it comes to Sweden. Everything I said to you is based on five months of leaving here and I’m still obsessed with this place, with the challenges that puts in front of me and all the opportunities to change and become a better person. I can’t wait to spend a whole year collecting Swedish adventures.

Photo: My sister when we were in Skansen.


Written by Marina

02 Jan 2016