3 months in Sweden


Written by Marina

06 Nov 2015

This week I completed three months living in Sweden and I can’t believe how fast time went by. However, the most interesting part is not how time flies, but how much I have changed my daily basis and my behavior in the last months since I got here. Not only I do different things, there’s also somethings that I don’t do anymore. So, let me make a list of these things so it gets easier for you.

1) 3 months riding a bike every single day
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Good for my body, good for the planet.

2) 3 months without getting inside a car

If you have a bike, you don’t need to go inside a car.
Besides, here in Uppsala everything is so close that you can walk everywhere.

3) 3 months recycling my garbage
Makes me feel good about taking care of the planet. (#Snapsave by the way hehe)

4) 3 months without sweating because of the weather
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Never hot enought for me to sweat just because of the weather, I need to do some exercise to get that.
It’s not always super cold, but try to compare the Swedish weather with the Brazilian hehe

5) 3 months that I walk on the streets at night and feel safe
Not a very common feeling in Brazil (generally), but here, I never worry if I’m coming home late.

More to come in the next months…

Written by Marina

06 Nov 2015